Hoteikan Dojo

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  • KICK-A-THON 2013

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Hoteikan Dojo

We are a Martial Art school in Brooklyn, New York. We teach Shotokan Karate, Jujitsu and Judo for ages 3 to adult. We also have Cardio Kickboxing, and Zumba classes all year round. If you are interested in trying a class please CALL 718-748-2826. Our classes are separated by age and skill level with individual programs for adults, kids, and early childhood ( also known as our little dragons ).


To teach each student to reach their full potential. The Hoteikan System was founded to establish perfection of the Mind, Body, and Spirit and dedicated to the combined arts.

Our specialty's

The Hoteikan dojo specializes in

1.Self defense and protection- Self Defense is a priority at the Hoteikan Dojo. If protecting yourself and loved ones is important to you, you've found the right place. the Hoteikan system is a complete Martial Art system covering the three dimensions of defense, standing, take downs, and grappling. At our school you will learn the tried and tested, time honored, tradition of Martial Art Training. Our training roots are traditional in nature but fit for real world combat of our day.

2. Improved character- Students will learn character that will carry over to all aspects of their life, confidence, discipline, respect, value, integrity, and above all mental toughness, we like to call it the warrior mind.

3. Healthy Body- Our very own Sensei Anthony is a Certified Strength Coach with the NSCA determined to keep our students in the best shape possible. Part of self defense is not only protecting against others, but also yourself. Development of your physical abilities will help you to fight off many problems that could occur within. In your Martial Art training you will improve your aerobic and anaerobic conditioning, strength, speed, power, flexibility, mobility, stability, motor control, and body mechanics . The Martial Arts is functional training at its best.

4. A great environment- Our dojo has a welcoming family atmosphere that is ego free. At the Hoteikan Dojo we bring together and help motivate students to become good people and strong warriors.

5. Enjoyment- Training you will grow to love.


The Hoteikan Dojo instructors & students have received many awards for their outstanding achievements. Some include Hall Of Honors for Dedication to The Martial Arts, Junior World Champion, Local, Regional & National AAU, as well as Junior Olympic Championships.